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Website Development & Design A responsive website that deals with photography and website development using the latest coding practices. Website Development and Photography I am a photographer, and a website developer that uses no framework or library. I use HTML5, CSS3 and Vanilla JavaScript for the client side using grids/flex to make for a fluid changeable style. I use PHP and Object-Oriented Programming for the server-side, so I can incorporate a fully functional Content Management System (CMS) where the owner or system administrator can change the content with ease. The website will look great on a smartphone, tablet or a PC/Mac computer as I use responsive design. I can also incorporate Ajax (Fetch) that will make for a seamless experience for people using the website. Feel free to check around this website and if interested just use the contact page, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. An Active Record Design Pattern My Main Website based off a tutorial that I am following, but switching from mysqli to PDO as I feel that is a much cleaner way of implementation and easier. I still have ways to go, but once I'm finish my classes should be easier to transferred from one project to another project. Login and Registration System, Plus Improved Game Play I added a Login and Registration system to the website in order to improve my game play. I also added a high scores table that gives the top 5 players and scores for that date, the table also resets everyday once a player has played the new day. I improved the CSS, but plan on improving in order to make game play better and look better on mobile devices.

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