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The Last Month with My Father

Created by John Pepp on

My father who passed away January 4, 2022 at the age of 94 had a sense of humor that most people couldn't understand (I'm a lot like him in that regards). However, he could be funny and silly though the silly part was usually in the privacy of his home. This is why I truly love this picture as it shows my dad being silly when I snapped this picture. I also remember every time I was editing a picture for my website or just post-processing the image that when he stumbled across me doing it that, he would say "Why isn't that a picture of me?". It became a running joke and it would bring a smile across my face every time he said that. I will miss that greatly; however, I will always remember that about my father and best friend. P.S. His silliness didn't extend to just me as I remember him being silly to my sister and my mother.