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LEGO Police Station

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I went for my fourth straight bicycle ride on my Lectric ST 1.0 and rode 10.5 miles. I believe this is the 4th straight day that I have rode my bicycle. It was a beautiful day outside as the temperature was nice and it wasn't hot out. I need to tighten my front fender as it is rattling a little bit from the wipe out the other day. I just have to reign my eating in a little bit as that is really defeating the purpose of exercising on a daily basis. I keep on telling myself tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Well, at least I don't drink alcohol or smoke which are other bad habits to have. I don't think this Covid-19 virus will ever go away as it has already been a year and a half. Supposedly it is getting worse, but it hard to tell who is telling truth as you can't trust politicians in Washington D.C. or the News (Local or National). Oh Well, one can only take one day at a time.

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