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Lake Freighter on the Detroit River near Belle Isle

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What happened to the United States? The Coronavirus Pandemic is still going on in 2021 and it's already August. It has killed a lot of people, made many have long-term health problems, civil unrest amongst the U.S. population and has created a great division between Democrats and Republicans. Racism has reared in ugly head once again and basically used when one side disagrees with the other side. Crazy teachings are trying to be taught in schools such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and people have lost their minds as they want to "Defund the Police" while crime is rapidly going unchecked. Systemic Racism is basically a new philosophy where it says people don't realize that they are racists and some are being required to attend seminars to point that out to them. What happened to everyone being treated as equals regards of their skin color or sexual orientation? That answer is complex and simple at the same time. A relative pointed out that all the 60s movement have been basically wiped out over the last year and a half. People in history weren't perfect and neither am I, but with a few extreme exceptions the founders of our country along with people who contributed in building this country had noble intentions. The United States Constitution is a living breathing document that changes over time to fit with the times. Trying to change it without doing it the right way is wrong and so is trying to circumnavigate the document is also wrong.

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